Thinspiration-Hannah and Strength with Les Mills Pump 2-6-12


I use stars and their progress or what they strive for constantly as my inspiration but today, Hannah is my inspiration. She is a real girl who doesn’t have a trainer or a nutritionist working with her all of the time, just a DVD workout. Les Mills Pump is a workout that has been in gyms for years as Bodypump but has recently been released on DVD so that I can choose WHEN I’m doing the workout!


Thinspiration 10-26-11 Got Abs?

Hot abs are awesome!! Our abs are also the key to having awesome overall core health which works in tandem with the rest of our body. When our abs aren’t strong enough other muscles need to compensate and we can be injured more easily.  Shakira’s body has gotten even stronger since she first exploded on the scene with here hips that don’t lie ; )

Off on the right foot…1/15

We all need a little inspiration sometimes so how about some Thinspiration for the day?  Jessica Simpson has been publicly ridiculed for her weight battles but she’s someone who looked at it head on and did something about it.  Not only is she an example of healthy and not too thin BUT her show “The Price of Beauty” glanced at ideal beauty around the world.  For those reasons, she has my respect.